Avocado Sourcing – We're wherever the best avocados are.

We began by sourcing avocados in California.  Foreseeing that California supply alone would not meet growing demand in the US we began building partnerships with experienced growers in ideal growing regions across the globe.  Over the years we’ve made a commitment to vertical integration in each of the countries of origin we operate and have pieced together the seasons of California, Mexico, Chile, Peru and New Zealand to guarantee peak eating quality avocados year-round.  We will continue tapping new growing regions and managing avocado production from the ground up in order to be the most innovative and reliable supplier in the global marketplace.

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Packing and Co-packing Facilities

Our innovation goes beyond the orchards.

Our packing facilities utilize cutting edge technology to effectively cool, clean and pack avocados. Our facilities in California, Mexico, Peru, Chile and New Zealand pack the freshest, peak season avocados.

Depending upon customer specifications, the fruit is either hand-packed into trays within the carton or volume filled into lugs or RPC containers. Avocados bags are a growing sector of the business so we have bagging machines in California, Texas, New Jersey, Peru and Mexico that can bag any avocado size and configuration. We work with customers to provide exactly the right pack and the right level of ripeness.

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Avocado Ripening

map of Mission distribution centers in the United States

We Cover North America.

With eight distribution Centers – Oxnard, Seattle, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta and New Jersey – ripe Mission avocados are available to any customer in North America.

The Ripe Stuff.

Part science, part art, avocado ripening requires comprehensive knowledge of the fruit and years of experience. We have the specialized facilities and equipment it takes to handle the volumes of fruit that flow through our facilities on their way to our nationwide network of customers. Each of our ripening experts are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • Our ripening rooms have technology that creates and regulates the precise conditions for ripening avocados.
  • Mission ripening specialists continually monitor air flow and temperature during the process.
  • Avocados are maintained at 40°F, until moved to the ripening room where they are treated to begin ripening.
    • Mission avocados are ripened to customer specifications:
    • Foodservice operators- Stage 5 ripeness for immediate use.
    • Retailers- Stage 3 or 4 ripeness; ready to eat in 1-3 days
  • Every carton that leaves a Mission Ripening Center is stamped with a pack date.


From tree to customer.

Mission is committed to controlling the avocado's entire journey from field to customer.

  • We maintain our own fleet of trucks that pick up every lot of newly harvested avocados the day they're picked.
  • Mission's transportation team accommodates straight load replenishment of our Forward Distribution Centers and regional LTL service to our retail, wholesale and foodservice customers.
  • Multiple deliveries on a weekly basis provide right-on-time service.
  • Mission trucks are GPS equipped for constant contact and precise location and rely on temperature recorders to confirm that the cold-chain is never broken.
Mission semi truck

Food Safety and Certifications

We go the extra distance to ensure wholesomeness.

Retailers and foodservice establishments are extremely demanding when it comes to proper food safety practices of their suppliers and rightly so. While there are currently no government regulations enforcing food safety standards for avocado growers, we voluntarily adhere to the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program and Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) for growing avocados. We share responsibility with our growers to ensure total satisfaction for our consumers.

Key components of GAP and GHP include:

  • Sustainable land use
  • Good quality water, free of pathogens
  • Ranch security
  • Good worker hygiene
  • Field sanitation
  • GAP and food safety training for all employees
  • Sanitary hygiene facilities
  • Properly applied pesticides by a trained and licensed applicator
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